Consulting & Additional Services

In addition to our core services, the GlobalNOC can provide customized services and consulting for specific projects as needed. Our teams will work directly with your network to meet your ever-changing needs.


GlobalNOC can provide advice and consulting on specific projects as needed. This can include advice or review of network plans, NOC enablement, or auditing security, operations, disaster recovery, or optimization purposes.

  • RFP review and advice
  • Network design review
  • Network streamlining
  • Security review
  • New service enablement

Additional Services

GlobalNOC can provide assistance with the following services which build upon and augment the support identified in our base services.

Project Management

Provide dedicated Project Management support for new and existing services and endeavors. By using agreed upon project management methods and standards, the Project Management Team will be able to provide planning and control of the project, lead and engage resources to complete the project request and support implementation team through project duration.

Network Turn-Up Support

Provide support in the initial turn-up of a network, from network planning to the initial deployment and on through implementation of the network services and support. We utilize years of experience in building and supporting networks to ensure the turn-up of the network meets the needs of its community.

Network Deployment

Provide, independent of other services, assistance with proper deployment and tracking of new networks into telecommunications facilities, including not just physical installation, but also anything that would be needed from testing to turn-up.

Above the Net Services Support

Provide support for services offered to a network’s customer, such as DDoS mitigation, DNS, firewall, media management, and visual communication. We work with the network to define a process to assist their customers with activities such as initial triage, task creation and escalation, and support through to task resolution. In many cases, this support is vendor-agnostic, although our ability to support the service may depend upon the vendor utilized.