Operating a R&E network takes a lot of coordinated effort. GlobalNOC provides reliable carrier-grade services to help networks focus on their mission for research and education instead of the details of daily operation.

Service Desk Support

The GlobalNOC Service Desk actively monitors the health and performance of all aspects of a network, in a fully redundant 24×7×365 operation. The Service Desk serves as the hub of communication for a network, coordinating all of the engineers, vendors, and users. The GlobalNOC Service Desk sees network issues before the user does, serving as a first responder to all problems.


  • Proactive monitoring of health, availability, and performance of all devices related to a network
  • Issue and contact tracking for all monitored or reported outages, maintenance, or support requests
  • Coordinated support to ensure engineers and vendors are engaged, community and users are notified, and overall operational quality is assured
  • Documentation and maintenance of proper change management processes
  • Reporting and analysis of issues to give networks a view into the long-term availability and metrics for the network

Network Engineering Support

GlobalNOC’s team of expert network engineers can provide 24x7x365 help with incident management and provisioning of networks, backed by the Service Desk Support. This group can quickly and expertly diagnose and resolve network issues on a broad variety of L1, L2, and L3 networks, from a variety of network vendors.


  • 24x7x365 network incident management response, repair, and root cause analysis
  • Timely and appropriate response to all provisioning and network change requests following established change management policies
  • Direct network user technical assistance

Advanced Network Engineering Support

Advanced Network Engineering Support extends the expertise of network engineering to provide deeper problem management and provisioning on networks. Advanced support can reduce the amount of time spent getting assistance from a vendor and repairing a recurring problem through deeper root cause analysis.


  • Final level escalation for network incidents leveraging high-level expertise to accelerate service restoration and problem management
  • Evaluation of incident trends to ensure overall network performance
  • A designated primary technical service owner and contact

Network Planning

GlobalNOC can provide additional higher-level network engineering help with network planning. This helps with development of technical strategy, including planning for new services and capacity planning.


  • Detailed network capacity planning
  • Design, review, and planning for new network services
  • Analysis of new technology