Two decades of service

The Global Research Network Operations Center (GlobalNOC) at Indiana University has been delivering a diverse set of services to operate, manage, and evolve research and education (R&E) networks since 1998.

Despite our growth in size and capability, GlobalNOC remains committed to providing outstanding service with a personal touch to each of our R&E partners. As a member of the R&E community, we understand that R&E networking is more than bandwidth and circuits. These networks need more than just a network operations vendor providing one-size-fits-all services. GlobalNOC is a long-term partner in the success of every project we support, custom tailoring our services to fit its unique needs.

Service Building Blocks

GlobalNOC offers a range of activities falling under four main areas of service. These services build on each other to allow networks to evolve their support levels over time, easily and cost-effectively. The services provided in these areas build on each other to allow networks to evolve their support levels over time, easily and cost-effectively. A network project may initially require only core service desk monitoring of the network. If advanced network measurement is needed later, GlobalNOC can build on the existing integrated network information software to provide this quickly and without disruption or complicated setup.


Operating a R&E network takes a lot of coordinated effort. GlobalNOC provides reliable carrier-grade services to help networks focus on their mission for research and education instead of the details of daily operation.


Just as network operations need advanced engineering support and a highly functional service desk, network management systems are equally essential. GlobalNOC’s systems teams have proven to be true leaders in development and support of advanced network tools tailored for the research and education community. Their toolset provides a highly integrated network management software solution operating across OSI layers 0–4 and above.

Consulting & Additional Services

GlobalNOC can provide advice and consulting on specific projects as needed. This can include advice or review of network plans, NOC enablement, or auditing security, operations, disaster recovery, or optimization purposes.


We understand that R&E projects cannot operate without the support of an extended community. In addition to the expertise provided by GlobalNOC, projects supported by us gain the added benefit of being included in a community of collaborators comprised of users from each of the projects.